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Fishing tips for catching Salmon at Drano Lake


If you've never fished Drano lake in the Columbia river gorge, and wanted to this would be the year to try it. This year is supposed to be a big year for Drano. Expecting over 30,000 spring Chinook. Last year the lake only had 7,000 return. Even with that low number we still had some good days. I can only imagine what it will be like if we get that big number.
I've been fishing Drano for 20 years. Started when I was a little boy with my grandpa. Throughout the years I've seen the good, and the bad, so when I hear about a big run my heart pounds. Drano is mostly a trolling fishery, with some bobber fishing in late May, and early June. In years past most of the fish caught where by plugs (wiggle warts). In the past 10yrs fisherman have started catching more fish on bait. The past seven years bait is all I've been using. My favorite bait is prawns, but I caught most of my fish last year on herring. One reason I use bait is because my boat can be at a dead stop, and we are still fishing. We use lead droppers with 4-6 oz. I've seen herring rods go down when I knew the herring couldn't of had much if any action. That won't happen with plugs.

Drano Lake Fishing Tips

Set That Hook A great fishing tip for Drano Lake

How many people do you know that caught their first steelhead when they thought they were snagged and started to pull it loose only to feel the head shake?

This is so common, especially with those who haven't caught a steelhead or haven't caught many. They don't expect to catch a steelhead but they do expect to get snagged up.

"Expect a fish on every cast" That positive attitude will pay off.

I tell my clients to expect a fish and never think it's a snag. If that advice alone was followed we would get a lot more fish. You may feel foolish yanking on nothing, but the one nothing that turns out to be a fish makes it all worthwhile.

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Another thing, set the hook like you mean it when drift fishing or bobber fishing. Some time's I'll get a guy in the boat that's a trout fisherman and they're not putting the wood to 'em like they should.

They are called steelhead for a reason.

Another tip, when fishing with a bobber make sure you reel up your slack before the hook set. I know it's exciting to see that bobber go down but if you jerk right away all you're going to do is pull back on your slack. Most of the time there is plenty of time to drop your rod towards the bobber, reel down and pick up all your slack and then set hard. It's even a good idea to reel until you can feel the fish.

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One things I really like about fishing Drano it that it's depth friendly, meaning its all about the same depth(25 to 30 ft). You can set your bait at a certain depth, and not have to worry about running into a shallow spot, and getting snagged. Drano is a good place for beginners, and pros. There is a lot of good guides that work Drano. The quickest way to learn a fishery that's not familiar to you is to higher an experienced guide.
The peak time for Drano's Springers is late April to the end of May the first two weeks of May being prime time. You can go to www.bigfishguideservice.com to see my website or email at bigfishguides1@yahoo.com. Good Luck Fishing!!

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